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Mediaphorie is dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class. Our artists, pianists and composers bring their expertise to you from the dance community worldwide
including Canada, France, Japan, Russia, U.K., and the United States.
They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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Mediaphorie News

Andros International Festival, August 21st 2016 Music & Ballet Gala, The French Tradition in Andros (Greece). With the Participation of Paris Opera Musicians & Dancers.

Watch Ellina Akimova interpreting La Valse (Camille)

Reedition: Music for Ballet Class - IV, Collection Dance Accompaniment, by Ellina Akimova, new edition available soon in the US, Japan, and France, same wonderful music, brand new design.

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• New webpage dedicated to french artist Daniel Louradour, Daniel Louradour created costumes, scenes for ballets, operas, theaters, and television, illustrated books, created lithographies, and was also a painter




Marina Surgan Live 3
Music Sheets
Marina Surgan Live 3 - Music Sheets

Music Ballet Gala - Andros Festival

Dance Accompaniment -V Musique pour le Cours de Danse Classique - V

Marina Surgan Live 3 MMarina Surgan Live 3

Musique pour le cours
de danse classique IV

Musique pour le cours de danse classique IV
by Ellina Akimova

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