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Mediaphorie is dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class. Our artists, pianists and composers bring their expertise to you from the dance community worldwide
including France, Japan, Russia and the United States.
They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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French Songs
Thierry Magne, François Xavier Carbonnel

Thierry Magne : 2007 en 2005

Thierry Magne : 2005 in 2007

La Médiaphorie Paris February 2007

Playdoyer pour la chanson (T. Magne) - 2007 en 2005 (T. Magne) - Les Fauves (T. Magne) - Il neige (T. Magne) - Démocratie (T. Magne) - La Déprime (T. Magne) - Les P'tits matins (T. Magne/ arr. E. Akimova) - Créantay (T. Magne/ E. Akimova) - Slo (T. Magne) - Il Pleut (F. Carco/E. Akimova) - J'aime Paris la nuit (T. Magne/ arr. E. Akimova)

J'aime Paris la nuit
(I like Paris at night)
Il pleut
(It's raining)
Musique pour le cours de danse classique I

Des crocodiles et des rêveurs

Lyrics & Music : François Xavier Carbonnel

La Médiaphorie Paris February 2004

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(2005 in 2007 in not yet available in our US online store - please contact us if you'd like to buy it)