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They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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Music for Ballet Class I
Collection Dance Accompaniment
Barre, Centre, Pointes, Final

This CD is the 1st CD of Ellina Akimova's set : Dance Accompaniment - Music for Ballet Class (Musique pour le Cours de Danse Classique), this CD features original piano music for the ballet class, music for Barre and Center exercises including pointes exercises and exercises for men, the tracks have been repeated for the barre exercises.
Dance Accompaniment I by Ellina Akimova

Piano : Composition & Interpretation : Ellina Akimova

Exercises & Instructions : Alain Bogréau

La Médiaphorie Paris Juin 2000
Recording : C.N.A.I. Paris, Juin 2000
Sound : Jean-Claude Thuel
Design : Hervé Molla
Length : 1h 12mn

Barre : Premiers battements tendus. Allegretto.

Ellina Akimova

Ellina Akimova (Paris, September 2000) :  

I learned to love and conceive the companion role in a professional way, in collaboration with the ballet master, for the dancers.
Starting in 1989, I had the opportunity to expose this role in Méthodes et recommandations pour l'accompagnement du cours de Danse classique, written with Madame Gassanova and edited at Bakou, by Culture ministery in Azerbadjan Repuplic from ex-USSR.; resume of my professional activity in the Azerbadjan Opera and Ballet theater and dance school.
During this classical dance training, my musical compositions, inspired by classical and romantic esthetic, and enriched by modern harmonique langage, are created in narrow relation with the teacher exercises at the tempo begining, rythme, and with respect of each exercise.
No record could replace the companion. Conscious of such difficulties, Alain Bogréau had indicated with everity the most universal pedagogy possible for an advanced level, and offered a lot of liberty to each teacher who organises its own training.
Six years of work at the Bolchoï Academy of Dance, and two at Moisseiev Ballet school as companion bring to me the wish and desir to transmit my musical though, their results, to those who love and practive classical dance.

Advanced training details, exercises and pedagogy indicated by Alain Bogréau (Opéra National de Paris 1959-1994)

index, exercise, mesure, temps, tempo or character

Each exercise is recorded twice except the exercice préparatoire.
13 compositions. Time : 49mn

1. Warm Up (facing the barre) 8*8 2'59''

2.3. Pliés. 8*8. Andantino. 2'40''.

4.5. Ballet Music mp3 First battements tendus. 8*8. 4/4. Allegretto. 1'49'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

6.7. Ballet Music mp3 Second battements tendus. 8*8. 4/4. Allegr moderato. 1'21'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

8.9. Battements tendus jetés. 8*8. 4/4. Allegro più mosso. 1'17''.

10.11. Ballet Music mp3 Ronds de jambe à terre. 8*8 . Andante pastorale. 2'42'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

12.13.Ballet Music mp3 Fondus. 6*8. Larghetto. 2'09'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

14.15. Ballet Music mp3 Frappés. 8*8. 4/4. Allegro energico. 1'23'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

16.17.Ballet Music mp3Ronds de jambe en l'air. 8*8. Mazurka con grazia. 2'11'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

18.19. Petits battements. 8*8. 2/4. Vivace. 1'16''.

20.21. Adagio. 4*8. Elegia. 1'41''.

22.23. Grands battements. 8*8. 2/4. Alla Marcia. 1'22''.

24.25. Stretching (Leg on the barre). 8*8. Adagietto. 3'20''.

Each exercise is recorded one time.
22 compositions. Time : 23mn.

26. Ballet Music mp3 Battements tendus & battements tendus jetés. 8*8. 4/4. Allegro. 1'24'' (mp3 sample: 390Kb)

27. Ballet Music mp3 Adagio. 4*8. Adagio espressivo. 1'49'' (mp3 sample: 820Kb)

28. Premières pirouettes. 4*8. 4/4. Allegretto. 0'54''.

29. Ballet Music mp3 Deuxièmes pirouettes. 8*8. ¾. Mouvement de Valse. 1'40'' (mp3 sample: 30s)

30. Petits sauts. 4*8. 2/4. Vivo. 0'30''.

31. Deuxièmes sauts. 2*8. 2/4. Allegro sostenuto. 0'23''.

32. Batteries. 4*8. 2/4. Presto.0'31''.

33. Ballet Music mp3 Moyens sauts. 4*8. 6/8. Allegro leggiadro. 0'40''(mp3 sample: 320Kb)

34. Grands sauts. 8*8. Valse con brio. 1'21''.

35. First pointes exercise . 4*8. 2/4. Allegretto delicatamente. 0'44''.

36. Second pointes exercise . 4*8. 6/8. Giocoso. 0'46''.

37. Préparation aux tours en l'air. 4*8. 4/4. Marche. 0'54''.

38. Cabrioles des garçons. 4*8. Valse pleine d'élan. 0'46''.

39. Third pointes exercise (développés, balance on the pointes). 4*8. Andante. 1'31''.

40. Grands pas. 4*8. Valse animée. 0'46''.

41. Manège. 4*8. Valse rapide. 0'42''.

42. Grandes pirouettes sur les pointes. 4*8. Andantino. 1'35''.

43. Grands sauts. 4*8. Grande Valse. 0'44''.

44. Tours piqués des filles, diagonales tours en l'air des garçons & manèges. 8*8. 4/4. Vivo. 1'17''.

45. Coda (tours fouettés, pirouettes à la seconde). 12*8. 4/4. Allegro brillante. 1'40''.

46. Port de bras. 4*8. Adagio con anima. 1'39''.

47. Révérence. 8. Polonaise. 0'51''.

Original compositions

The dancer is helped with a composition inspired, clear, detailed, which follow the physical effort as well as the teacher who will find a mathematical exactitude, and the most respect to the classical form. This work is the result of a appropriate dialog between two schools, the Russian and the French, wich goes on with Marc Du Bouays boy's forth division class at the Ecole de Danse de l'Opéra de Paris.

Complete advanced training

High level, large variety of execises, are a true benefit to all (boys and girls), thanks to Alain Bogréau professionalism. The exhaustive indications in the back of the cd were carefully written to be easily understood.

An esthetical object

Recorded in Paris in June 2000, in the studio of the Compagnie Nationale d'Applications Industrielles by Jean-Claude Thuel, designed by Hervé Molla, this cd, as well as the sound follow the line of the pianist, and stays faithful to the musical tradition of the classical ballet.

With the particular talent of Ellina Akimova, La Danse accompagnée gives more value to the companion role, and contribute in the transmission of the classical dance, and its usage. When elaboring this CD, we wanted to get the best quality possible with the most affordable price for the professional dansers.

Références et commentaires :

  • Franciska de Mikhnevitch, Opéra National de Paris 1960-1982, Paris, January 5 2001 :

    Here is a very welcome CD for the Ballet dance world. Ellina Akimova put all together some personal compositions that are specifically adapted to ballet training, the rythmes are perfect, and teachers will find what they need to prepare several classes. As a professor, I appreciate very much the talent of Ellina Akimova and the good composition of this CD.

  • Yvonne Goubé, Director of "Centre de Danse de Paris Paul & Yvonne Goubé, Universelle Européenne de Danse. Paris, December 20 2000 :

    I highly recommend Ellina Akimova's compact disc. - a must for classical Ballet classes. Teachers and dancers alike will be inspired, by Akimova's music and interpretation.