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Mediaphorie is dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class. Our artists, pianists and composers bring their expertise to you from the dance community worldwide
including France, Japan, Russia and the United States.
They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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Music for Ballet Class II
Collection Dance Accompaniment
Adagios, Divertissement, Pas de Deux
Original Music

This CD is the 2nd CD of Ellina Akimova's set : Dance Accompaniment - Music for Ballet Class (Musique pour le Cours de Danse Classique), this CD features original ballet music, adagios, pas de deux, divertissement as well as music for choreographic purpose.
Dance accompaniment II by Ellina Akimova

Piano : Composition & Interpretation : Ellina Akimova ( Bolchoï 1990-1995)

Exercises & Instructions : Alain Bogréau (Paris Opéra 1959-1994)

La Médiaphorie Paris April 2001
Recording : C.N.A.I. 56952 Paris April 2001
Sound : Jean-Claude Thuel
Design : Hervé Molla
Length: 1h 2mn 36 DDD

Adagio Ampiamente

Ellina Akimova

Adagio : its curved lines seem to flow to approach the ideal of beauty. But this mouvement performed adagio is among the most difficult for the dancers. The music, at the service of the ballet teacher, carries the physical effort with a clear melody, to encourage the beauty and the harmony of movement.

It is in those surroundings that my musical expression finds its biggest freedom of creation. Sublime instants, in the Ballet Class, is the Lesson of Adagio, its culmination, the Pas de deux.

With Alain Bogréau we are introducing you a sequence which becomes more and more complex and I hope it will help you to find ease in the slow movements in the exercises chosen by the professor.

You will find also an extension of the work of the couple with a small Divertissement, more free music were intended for choreographic purpose.

9 Compositions for Adagio

  1. Adagio n°1, andante, 4x8 - 4/4 1'32''
  2. Adagio n°2, tranquillo, 4x8 - 3/4 1'50''
  3. Adagio n°3, moderato, 4x8 - 2/4 1'48''
  4. Adagio n°4, Ballet Music mp3elegia, 6x8 - 3/4 2'
  5. Adagio n°5, con lenezza, 6x8 - 6/8 2'11''
  6. Adagio n°6, melancolia, 6x8 - 3/4 2'12''
  7. Adagio n°7, amorevole, 8x8 - 6/8 2'44''
  8. Adagio n°8, affettuoso, 8x8 - 3/4 3'04''
  9. Adagio n°9, andante espressivo, 12x8 - 4/4 3'40''

Divertissement : 5 danses.

  1. Mazurka 2'41''
  2. Tarentelle 1'25''
  3. Espagnole 2'35''
  4. Russe 3'05''
  5. Ballet Music mp3 Polonaise 2'17''

2 Esquisses

  1. Orient 3'00''
  2. Espagne 1'40''

Pas de Deux n°1

  1. Entrée & adagio 3'12''
  2. Variation danseur 1'31''
  3. Variation danseuse 1'56''
  4. Coda 1'46''

Pas de Deux n°2

  1. Entrée & adagio 3'41''
  2. Variation danseur 1'19''
  3. Variation danseuse 1'35''
  4. Coda 1'40''
  1. Ballet Music mp3 Duetto, largo 3'31''
  2. Ieléna, adagietto 6'05''