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Mediaphorie is dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class. Our artists, pianists and composers bring their expertise to you from the dance community worldwide
including France, Japan, Russia and the United States.
They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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Music for Ballet Class III
Collection Dance Accompaniment
Barre, Centre, Pointes, Men, Final
Original Music

This CD is the 3rd CD of Ellina Akimova's set : Dance Accompaniment - Music for Ballet Class (Musique pour le Cours de Danse Classique), this CD features original piano music for the ballet class, music for Barre and Center exercises including pointes exercises and exercises for men, the tracks have been repeated for the barre exercises.
Dance Accompaniment III by Ellina Akimova Ellina Akimova Piano Composition & Interpretation : Ellina Akimova (Bolchoï Dance Academy 1990-1995)

Exercises & Instructions : Alain Bogréau (Opéra of Paris 1959-1994) with the collaboration of Guy Poggioli ( Paris Opéra Dance School 1971-1977, Ballet Béjart 1979-1984)

Length :70mn

Fondus. 6x8. 2/4. Mouvement de tango.

This new opus, by its conception, gives a large musical variety. In the same mind as the first volume of the collection, La danse Accompagnée, created in 2000, this CD contains an advanced complete lesson. A tool the professor can handle very freely.

Review, by Catherine Tully,
There is nothing quite like taking class with an accomplished pianist providing accompaniment, and if you can’t have live music, this is the next best thing. The phrasing is perfect, and the musical choices suit the exercises in a way that only someone who knows ballet well could choose, with perky music for tendus and a pretty selection for plies. Everything is well-matched. Read more

Ellina Akimova (Paris, Juin 2003) :   Alain Bogréau, with his experience and his professionalism, helped me to deepen the work of the center. These 2001 compositions were enriched with my activity in France : Dancing school of the National Opera of Paris, in CNSMDP, concertante music - Songe Austral, nine musical pieces for piano (2000), and Notre Dame du Guildo (2003) - as well as in the theater in 2002 : The Sea gull and Camille Claudel.
Many of these parts naturally take life on scene; already Bertrant Barena had regulated in 2002, with talent and beauty, Ielenam extracted from Musique pour le Cours de Danse Classique II. Lastly, a collaboration with Guy Poggioli, for the teaching part, gives to this recording dynamism and brilliance. All these meetings nourish two passions, the Music and the Dance.

Advanced training details, exercises and pedagogy

Each exercise is recorded twice except the exercice préparatoire.
13 compositions. Time : 49mn

1. Warm Up 4x8 - 2/4 Alla barcarola

2.3. Pliés. 8x8. 4/4. Moderato con moto

4.5. Premiers dégagés. 8x8. 4/4. Allegretto.

6.7. Deuxièmes dégagés. 8x8. 4/4. Allegro non troppo

8.9. Dégagés en l'air. 8x8. 6/8. Mouvement de tarentelle

10.11. Ronds de jambe à terre. 8*8. 4/4. Andante teneramente

12.13. Fondus. 6x8. 2/4. Mouvement de tango. Poco piu mosso.

14.15. Frappés. 6x8. 12/8. Scherzando

16.17. Ronds de jambe en l'air. 8x8. Valse Menuet

18.19. Petits battements. 8x8. 4/4. Vitement

20.21. Adage. 4x8. 4/4. Mouvement amoureux

22.23. Grands battements. 4x8. 3/4. Valse enlevée

24.25. Etirements (jambe sur la barre). 8x8. 6/8. Adagio

Each exercise is recorded one time.

26. Petit Adage 4x8. 3/4.Alla spagnola

27. Dégagés et Dégagés en l'air8x8. 4/4 Allegro ritmico

28. Grand Adage 8x8. 3/4. Con nostalgia

Starting next (track 29 to 36), two groups préparation - 4x8 préparation - 4x8

29. Préparation aux pirouettes. 4/4 A la marcia

30. Pirouettes. 3/4. Mazurka

31. Petits sauts. 2/4. Vivo

32. Deuxième sauts. 2/4. Allegro Sostenuto

33. Batteries n° 1. 6/8. Vivace

34. Batteries n° 2. 6/8. Veloce

35. Moyens sauts. 3/4. Allegro ma non troppo

36. Grands sauts. 3/4. Valse brillante


37. Premier exercice. 8x8. 4/4. Allegro moderato.

38. Deuxième exercice 8x8. 4/4. Gioiso

39. Exercice d'équilibre sur les pointes). 4x8. Belle valse retenue

40. pirouettes. 4x8. Valse modérée.

41. Déboulés. 8x8. 2/4. Perpetuum mobile

42. Tours piqués . 12x8. 4/4. Allegro.

43. Variations. 6x8. 6/8. Leggero.


44. Préparation aux tours en l'air 4x8. 4/4. Marche. 0'46

45. Tours en l'air. 4x8. 4/4. Marche brillante. 0'42

46. Grands pas de pirouettes. 4x8. 3/4 Valse invitation. 1'00

47. Cabrioles. 4x8. 3/4 Valse - invitation 0'40

48. Pirouettes 8x8. 3/4. Grande Mazurka. 0'55

49. Variation 8x8. 4/4. Grande valse. 1'13


50. Coda Rondo 14x8. 6/8. Presto.

51. Port de bras & RévÉrence. 4x8. 3/4. Lirico.

52. Grands battements & Salut. 4x8. 4/4. Fièrement.

La Médiaphorie Paris Juillet 2003
Recording C.N.A.I. 57245, Paris Juillet 2003
Sound : Jean-Claude Thuel
Design (2011): Jennifer Lau,, New-York